Office/Operations manager

We are looking for a driven, communicative and energetic new team member to join us in our mission to help Science move faster.

About you:

  • You are looking to join a project where you can make a positive impact in the world.
  • If this will be your first job, you can demonstrate your passion for organization. For example, you were the person that really helped your lab stay in order, or you really loved the buzz of making that big students’ event come together!
  • PLUS: You already have experience in an administrative or support role, preferably, but not necessarily in an R&D focused organization. For example, you were a lab manager.
  • You love to get things done and to help others around you get their things done
  • You like to work in a team and your colleagues want you in their team.
  • You are fluent in spoken and written English.

What you will do:

  • Maintain, improve and create new office administrative procedures.
  • Process invoices, update financial documents and help us liaise with our accountants and clients.
  • Ensure that our team stays organized and our office continues to be the place where LabOrders magic gets done (ensure our internal personnel records,health and safety policies are up to date, help us organize the interviews with new team members, etc.).
  • Manage the pipeline of LabOrders products catalogs, by interacting with vendors and supporting the import and reviewing the information on our platform.
  • Support our communication efforts, by helping prepare and deliver new marketing content (eg: newsletter, social media, LabOrders manuals, etc.)
  • All in all, you will help us ensure that what needs to be done, gets done :).
  • You will work closely with the CEOs, helping us more effectively reach the next steps in our path.

This is the first time we are hiring for this position. Until now the activities you will be doing, were split between the team.
You will make us move faster and, in turn, you will have the opportunity to grow in the direction you want, as we continue to develop our company.

About us:

  • These last years have shown just how important Science is. Our mission is to accelerate science by making it more efficient.
  • We have created LabOrders, an online platform that started by helping place and manage orders in R&D labs and is now aiming to be the leading management solution for those organizations. 
  • Our clients include some of the top research institutions, our catalogs have more than 6 million products from a growing number of vendors and last year we processed more than 60 million euros in orders.
  • We are a growing company, ISO 27001 certified and based in Porto.

We are scientists ourselves and are looking for people who are passionate about Science and that would like to grow with us and make Science move faster.

Are you in?

Please send your application to